3 Exciting Areas to Buy Kangaroo Magnet Souvenirs

Australia has a lot to offer international tourists, and that is why 9.4 million visitors toured the country in 2019. The best part is that visitors have access to a wide array of quirky and exciting souvenirs to remember their trips. Kangaroo magnets are an excellent example of souvenirs that tourists can buy before they leave the country. In most cases, tourists buy kangaroo magnet souvenirs from major department stores. However, this article provides insight into alternative places that tourists can purchase kangaroo magnets.

Wildlife Protection Organisations  

Over the last decade, the kangaroo population in Australia has soared exponentially. Between 2010 and 2016, the kangaroo population doubled from 27 million to 45 million. According to government agencies, the population surge is threatening other species that might soon run out of food. Therefore, Australians have been urged to eat more kangaroos as a strategy to control the population. It has led to the senseless killing of kangaroos, which animal protection activists term as the largest commercial killing of land-based wildlife on earth.

Consequently, it has led to the protection of kangaroos, and the wildlife protection organisations involved accept support in any form or shape to achieve their objective. It includes selling kangaroo magnet souvenirs to tourists, with funds being directed to kangaroo protection. Therefore, the initiative provides tourists with an opportunity to spend money for a good cause and on a product they will cherish forever.

Local Aboriginal Artisans 

Also known as Australia's first people, the Aboriginal Australians have lived in the country for about 70,000 years and are proud of their culture. Moreover, they have continued to interact with their environment symbiotically regardless of the country's continued infrastructural developments. Aboriginal Australians have successfully kept their culture relevant by shielding it from civilisation. They have managed to do this through aboriginal artwork, and kangaroo magnets are a big part of this. As you visit aboriginal cultural sites, do not forget to buy a kangaroo magnet souvenir from the local artisans. It is a great way to support original handiwork and appreciate the Aboriginal culture.

Duty-Free Airport Stores  

Going on holiday requires careful planning, at least as far as finances go. For example, impulse spending can affect your holiday, thereby forcing you to cut short your trip. While kangaroo magnet souvenirs do not cost much, it is advisable to buy them from duty-free airport stores. It is mainly the case if you had no plans to buy any souvenirs on your trip. The kangaroo magnet souvenirs you buy from the duty-free stores do not attract tax, making them relatively cheaper compared to buying from a vendor while on safari.

If you'd like to purchase a kangaroo magnet or learn more about them, reach out to any of these listed places or a craft store.